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Telehealth refers to healthcare delivered via electronic communication and information technology. Video conferencing, phone calls, and messaging apps let healthcare providers engage with patients remotely.

Since more people have access to high-speed internet and mobile devices, telehealth has grown in popularity. Its advantages include:

  1. Convenience. Telehealth lets patients get medical care at home, without going to a Wisconsin physician’s office.
  2. Access. Telehealth helps people in rural or remote areas get healthcare when there aren’t many medical facilities nearby.
  3. Cost savings. Telehealth is cheaper than in-person healthcare because it removes the need to travel and lowers costs for healthcare providers.
  4. Increased efficiency. Telehealth improves efficiency by reducing wait times. It also allows more patients to be seen in less time. Additionally, it provides access to specialist care that may not be available nearby.
  5. Improved patient outcomes. Telehealth can help patients to manage chronic conditions more effectively, improve medication adherence, and reduce the need for emergency hospital stays.

Telehealth is used for various healthcare services like primary care, mental health services, specialist consultations, and follow-up care. Telehealth may not work for everyone’s healthcare needs, and sometimes you may need to see a healthcare provider in person.

At Sequoia, we prefer to see you in person to continue to develop a strong relationship and ensure the best care. However, we understand certain circumstances may call for a Sequoia Telehealth session.

To schedule a telehealth visit with Sequoia, please email, and one of our care providers will contact you!

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