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welcoming eau claire area patients!

Do you have a loved one in assisted living?

Our team is available to provide their primary care services. Contact us to find out about establishing individualized geriatric services with one of our providers!

We are here for you — in person!

At Sequoia, we are dedicated to providing care with our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses who offer dynamic and multifaceted approaches to patient care. We are dedicated to providing the best Sequoia health care which allows our team to be on-call for both patients’ and facilities’ needs. We coordinate our care with the geriatric facility or assisted living facility to provide each patient care that is tailored to their wants and needs.

Sequoia Eau Claire Area Expansion

Sequoia is well-established in Northeast Wisconsin, with over 700 active patients.  

We are excited to welcome new patients in Eau Claire and the surrounding area!

Meet our eau claire team!

Mary Kate from Sequoia

Dr. Mary Kate Friess DNP, FNP-BC

Director of Clinical Operations & Co-Owner

Dr. Mary Kate is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with over 30 years of experience in a variety of health care settings. Caring for the underserved and vulnerable is truly one of Mary Kate’s great passions, which is why, after a long career in health care and nursing education, Mary Kate partnered to found Sequoia Integrative Medical Services in 2020. After three successful years, Sequoia continues to positively impact patients in multiple locations.

In her free time, Mary Kate loves being with her two beloved children, her family and her friends. Traveling, hiking, gardening and speaking French creates joie de vivre.

Jen from Sequoia

Jennifer Vanden Heuvel

Director of Administration & Co-Owner

Jen has had the pleasure for over twelve years of working both clinical and administrative in geriatric healthcare, as a caregiver and as various administrative roles. She’s worked in nursing home, assisted living and hospice settings. Jen takes pride in creating and maintaining relationships with our providers, business associates, facility directors, vendors, and all who make Sequoia a functioning entity. 

The maturing population is important to her because quality of life should be a priority until we reach our resting place. Jen’s happy place is exploring the ocean’s shelled shores and soaking up the warm weather. Salt life, running, and music hold her heart.

Katelyn from Sequoia

Katelyn Wery, LPN

Clinical Supervisor & Director of Admissions

Katelyn is an LPN with over 15 years of experience in healthcare.  over the course of her career, she has transitioned through several moving parts of healthcare.  She is dedicated to providing the best care and being the best advocate for her patients.

She has earned the role of Clinical Supervisor where she mentors her peers and continues to promote best nurse practices for patients.  Katelyn holds a degree in practical nursing from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.  She lives with her husband and three sons in De Pere.

Jessalyn at Sequoi

Jessalyn Connell, RRT

With a robust career spanning 14 years in healthcare and 9 years as a dedicated Registered Respiratory Therapist, Jessalyn brings a wealth of experience and expertise to patient care. 

Passionate about championing patient-centric and accessible healthcare, Jessalyn believes that every patient deserves personalized and easily accessible healthcare tailored to their unique needs.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Jessalyn enjoys spending quality time with her family, practicing yoga for holistic well-being, and honing her skills in photography. 

Her diverse interests and dedication to patient advocacy make her an invaluable asset in the healthcare community, embodying a compassionate and patient-centered approach to healthcare delivery.  Sequoia is excited to have Jessalyn join our team!
Leanna at Sequoia

Leanna Munoz, FNP

Leanna Munoz brings 18 years of dedicated service in healthcare, with 13 years specifically devoted to her role as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is entrusted with the care of the Eau Claire community and its surrounding areas, where she has made a lasting impact through her commitment to patient well-being and comprehensive healthcare practices.
Leanna’s passion lies in providing compassionate and high quality healthcare services. She believes in the power of effective teamwork and collaboration, always striving to ensure that patient interests remain at the forefront of every decision and treatment plan.
Outside of her professional responsibilities, Leanna finds joy in spending cherished moments with her spouse and four children. Their shared love for travel and exploration fuels their adventurous spirit, always eagerly planning their next exciting journey. Leanna’s dedication to her patients, coupled with her zest for life and family, makes her a valued healthcare provider and community advocate.  Sequoia is happy to have her on our team!

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